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star trek (2009) meme;; 1/1 place 
       vulcan - home of the greenblooded hobgoblins

To be Vulcan, means to adopt a philosophy, a way of life which is logical and beneficial. We can not disregard that philosophy merely for personal gain — no matter how important that gain may be.

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Firstly Eneh get your hand out your pants ewww.

Secondly what are you doing on that site yeah please do tell.

Lastly Sa-mekh stop looking at gay porn sites and or uploading images of your husband onto them ancestors I had respect for you both ;A;

*Vol stops short of immediate defensive objection, distracted by taking a closer look at the video snippets. He leans in, squinting.* I… that room looks familiar.

*Syvik leans over so Vol can get a closer look over his shoulder.* I should hope so, as clearly you were there.

*Vol rolls his eyes and casually drops onto Syvik’s lap rather than leaning over him so awkwardly.* No, I mean—well, yes, clearly. But I mean I think I remember where this was from. Back in the Academy, this guy I, uh, saw regularly for a while. …He did like taking pictures when he thought no one was looking. *Frowns.* He told me he was an art school dropout and liked to “immortalize moments” and shit. Just a hobbyist photographer or videographer or something.

*Syvik lifts his brows in something of a surprised shrug.* He certainly “immortalized” you.

*Vol slumps.* Yeah. On a porn sight. Awkward. …Creepy, really. I’ll have to track him down and yell at him. At least these aren’t anything explicit. *Twists to look back at Syvik.* But that answers only part of the problem here. Why were you looking at that site?

*Syvik flushes near-solid green almost immediately.* Nna —- you were… very handsome, you know.

*Vol frowns.* “Were”?

*Syvik flounders a bit.* Are! Are very handsome.

*Vol stares a moment longer, then sighs.* Fine. You’re off the hook. But next time, wait until we can look together, hm? And don’t save it where our son can see, not to mention.

*Syvik brightens initially, then flushes all over again and looks apologetically at Lammin on the screen.* …I thought I was just sending it to you, ashal-Vol.

*Vol rubs his hand down his face.* Ajoi, do neither of you understand how this website works? *Pointed squinty-eyed glare at Lammin to emphasize the “neither”.*

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Alcohol Meme - Syvik and Vol


SYNTH gin (Syvik and Vol) - My character does something sweet for yours.

There had been a lot of secrecy shrouding Lammin’s plans to bring the zoo to the Ephemeral without either Syvik’s or Vol’s knowledge but in the end it had all been so worth it. K’jhoph had helped with the logistics, insisting that both his daddies took a break from duties to aid in their recovery from recent ordeals. The moment they had been off the ship she had set out for mol’rihan, and together she and Lam had worked all day to organise all of the pets kept on Syvol’s estate there for transport. It was no easy task.. afterall they didn’t call it the zoo for no reason!

When they were all safely onboard with everything they could possibly need however it all seemed so worth it. The look on both Syvik and Vol’s faces when they came to the holodeck as per K’jhophs request, only to be pounced by all the pets they had ever collected and kissed/pawed/nuzzled half to death was absolutely priceless. Luckily they couldn’t create too much mess on the holodeck too, or Lam didn’t doubt that Vol would be pitching a fit.

"Sorry for the surprise, just thought you could use some cheering up and pet therapy is always nice. Hope you don’t mind?"

From the way Syvik was struggling with an almost smile as he was mauled by epoh’s, and the way Vol couldn’t even seem convincingly exasperated, he was fairly sure it was a hit. Cuteness once again wins the day!

Alcohol Meme - Syvik


SYNTH bourbon (Syvik) - Our characters go out hunting for something.

Lammin gazed up at the wall interspersed with support beams slash scaffolding, and the impossible gap he was expected to jump. He literally could not even imagine a way up that didn’t involve a ladder, yet Syvik was still waving down at him almost cheerfully from the.. thing which Lam could only assume was a gigantic light fixture overlooking the exchange on Earth space dock. Either he was a cat, or had found a way to sneak his jet pack from Risa onto the station without security noticing.

"I swear to the ancestors above I am gonna be so pissed off if the way up doesn’t become obvious in about five seconds Sa-mekh. I’m black and blue from trying to climb up all these support beams, and if security isn’t already on their way to cart me off for breaking things they soon will be."

Okay so maybe he was getting a bit irrationally angry at Syvik because of his own lack of wings, but he knew the answer to this mystery and wasn’t being very forthcoming with it! The vulcan merely continued to watch Lam’s lack of progress, and call out with the occasional hint as he watched him make rounds of the room looking for a way up.

"Warmer, colder.. oh very hot there.. no cooler again. Really ashel-veh there’s no need to be frustrated, if at first you don’t succeed merely.."

And then Lammin turned into the hulk and thus began the epic chase across the known galaxy, forever known as the great Syvik hunt. It wasn’t pretty. Klee got involved.

Alcohol Meme - Syvik


SYNTH scotch - My character and yours go out and do something particularly daring together.

"You say you’ve definitely done this before?"

Lammin eyed the opposition with trepidation, the unbreakable line of defence all leering at both him and Syvik at his side just daring them to come give it a go. All his higher logic was screaming to turn tail and run the other way, but one glance at his dad revealed that the vulcan was really quite composed. Cool as a cucumber he was merely sizing things up, taking stock of the situation and thinking up a strategy no doubt. The important fact was that /he/ wasn’t running away crying so neither should Lam.. he has some pride afterall!

"I have yes, and I’m almost completely certain that if we work together we will be fine. Do you trust me?"

The salarian looked between him and the line of krogan flashing rude gestures at them brazenly. If he’d had balls they would have shrunk back up inside by now.

"Of course I trust you."

Syvik almost smiled, eyes twinkling and tipped him a barely perceptible wink.

"Good.. then charge!"

He was off like a rocket and even with Lam’s years of speed training he found it hard to keep up. It would only be later.. after they were safely home and admiring their brand new shiny interleague open competition trophy that Lammin realised something important.

"Hey what do you mean /almost/ certain?"

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